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As many of you know that about 7 months ago we completed out Kickstarter for the comics anthology IMAGINOS PLUS. We anticipated getting the kickstarter finished by March but for unforseen reasons we are still finishing this thing up. I am happy to say that we are near completion but it still bothers me that I didn't see a lot of the pitfalls that we have been dealing with before they occurred. I try to pay artists before they do work. I have been called stupid for this practice but it has allowed me to get better artist for this project than I otherwise would have been able to get. However, i do understand and appreciate the pitfalls of this practice and even on this project I have been burned, to some degree, by adopting it. In the end I think I can honestly defend the way we do business with our freelancers as an overall success. 

It was not my aim for IMAGINOS WORKSHOP to become a full fledged publishing company but it seems that he fates of conspired against us on that account, so I think I will soon be announcing that we are indeed going to publish other titles beyond those created in house. I am looking at the landscape and still im not happy with some of the business models present in publishing as a whole so as usually maybe something needs to be done about this.

While i oversee all of the comic book creation process, anyone visiting this page knows my focus. For the last 30 plus years I have been bending , molding, shaping and stacking would will probably be my seminal work, JUDA FIST: 7 Deaths of the Yobi!!!

New Juda Fist Logo by MarkCDudley
Juda Fist is the story of Amaru Jones, a man who is given extraordinary abilities by a shadowing think tank who later betrays him. Grievously damaged in attempt to settle the score Amaru is secreted away and placed in a regenerative death like coma. Our protagonist awakens 70 plus years in he future. Though he has to acclimate himself to a future where advanced technologies are common place. He quickly finds the same old motivations and clandestine players still run the day. 

Armed with abilities and growing knowledge of the ancient martial art known as the JUDA FIST. Amaru , along with his mercenary associates, has to reignite his war in order to save humanity from its own self destructive nature. 


Amaru Jones, Cobra Red and Dead Lizzy

Rebuild of Juda Fist color project- AMARU- by MarkCDudleyMD ColourTest by WhitneyCookDead Lizzy Final Pencil Sketch by MarkCDudley

JudaFist warmups. by MarkCDudleyJuda Sketches 2013 by MarkCDudleyJuda Fist Bad Guys WIP by MarkCDudleyDesign update Juda Fist by MarkCDudleyJuda Fist Concepts Sketches Feb 2012 by MarkCDudley

Below are pages 1 - 4 of the Juda Fist Prequel "Russian Efficiency"

Juda-Fist-Page-1-Complete by MarkCDudley Judafist-Page-2-Colours by MarkCDudleyJuda Fist page 3 finished colors. by MarkCDudleyJudafist page 4 colors. by MarkCDudley

After "Russian Efficiency" is finished I plan on shopping Juda Fist to various publishers to get feedback and to see how marketable it is. 
Then i will start on the first issue of the first volume, entitled "THE HERBALISTS".

Imaginos Workshop is also in the midst of finishing the 4th draft of a film script The Academy and working toward getting Film and Television Industry representation.

Finally I am proud to announce our partnership with Round House Games. We are working on a concept called Aeryn: Nightmares of Fau. We are really happy to have as much going on as we do, and you will continue to see me doing the work I love over at Palladium Books. 

Until Next time
Dud OUT.

BehindmyMask Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
This is beautiful.
NKOSI-Publishing Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Professional Artist
Great Post!
Pitfalls aside, Greatness resides with those with courage and focus! 
Keep building your publishing empire, success only comes to those that stay Positive, Creative & Kinetic!
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